Pet peeves from PSE news

January 17, 2012

Writing for Inside Higher Ed, Melonie Fullick, a PhD student at York University, presents a list she compiled that addresses a set of pet peeves from the world of higher education news. On the list are the debate over the worth of PSE; higher education not guaranteeing a job; annual rankings, technology either saving or disrupting higher education; international students being the answer to intellectual and financial deficits; research suggesting students are not as smart now as they were in the past; universities failing society, the government, and their students; universities being inefficient; faculty being at fault for universities' financial struggle; and the real purpose of the university. On the subject of university rankings, Fullick writes that she'd love to see ranking reports as an opportunity to examine the institutional effects of competition in a worldwide PSE "market," and to consider what is actually signified by "rank," given that the same institutions consistently dominate. Inside Higher Ed