Police break up massive homecoming party in Waterloo

September 30, 2014

43 Waterloo Regional Police officers were needed to disperse a crowd of approximately 1,000 students at an off-campus homecoming party near Wilfrid Laurier University on Saturday. According to reports, party-goers threw beer cans and bottles at officers as they got out of their cars. Police were forced to block access to the street to prevent more people from joining the party. Nobody was injured, but several vehicles, including police cruisers, were damaged, and residents were left to pick up a mess of broken glass and red cups. “State Street is usually a very quiet street,” said a WLU business student who lives nearby. “This was a party with a lot of people and it got out of control.” Another resident said that neighbours had been told on Saturday afternoon that a keg party was planned for a house on the street, but that nobody expected it to get out of hand. One student has been charged with assaulting a police officer with a weapon. The Record