PolyMTL, Safran sign aeronautical research and training agreement

June 10, 2021

Polytechnique Montréal has signed a five-year agreement with equipment manufacturer Safran that will support several aeronautical research projects. The projects will be taken on by teams comprised of students and professors and will address topics such as eco-design, environmental impact reduction, materials and processes, and parts robustness and maintenance to contribute to the development of a carbon-neutral aircraft. “Safran researchers understand university reality and interact closely and concretely with our students and our teams,” said François Bertrand, Senior VP of PolyMTL and VP - Academic and Research. “This synergy not only leads to promising advances for the entire industry, but also permits a new generation to be trained in keeping with the current and future challenges of the aeronautical sector.” PolyMTL (QC)