Postsecondary institutions, community members debate vaccines, masking for return to campus

August 10, 2021
As institutions across Canada develop and update their back-to-school plans, some students and faculty are responding to a perceived need to do more to halt the spread of COVID-19 on campuses. University of Winnipeg faculty are discussing mandatory vaccines and masking in order to make a decision to submit to university administration. Students and faculty at the University of Alberta have signed an open letter asking for required vaccines and masking, as well as transparency on air quality to ensure a safe return to campus. Students, staff, and faculty from several BC postsecondary institutions have signed an open letter which argues that the Government of British Columbia’s public health measures must be strengthened in order to keep the return to in-person classes safe. In Quebec, postsecondary students will be able to attend class without masks or physical distancing, although Journal de Montréal reports that students at institutions that have not met the requirements for vaccine coverage will be required to wear face coverings. Edmonton Journal (Paywall) | Winnipeg Free Press (Paywall) | CTV News (BC) | Journal de Montréal (National)