Postsecondary institutions hold events, voice support for Indigenous communities

July 5, 2021
On July 1st, postsecondary institutions across Canada held events and made statements of support to acknowledge those impacted by the residential school system. Red River College’s campus marked the start of a walk to honour people affected by residential schools. A piece in the Ottawa Citizen by Carleton University professor Andrew Cohen reflected on Canada’s mourning over the unmarked Indigenous graves through flags flying at half-mast at the University of Toronto. Niagara College and Fleming College were among those that released statements encouraging community members to reflect, grieve, and stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities. Indigenous faculty from the University of Victoria released a statement noting that UVic will continue to have its flag at half-mast until local elders and leaders indicate it is appropriate to raise it, and called upon UVic to renew its commitment to the TRC’s Calls to Action. Portage Online (RRC) | Ottawa Citizen | Niagara | Fleming | Nation Talk (UVic) (National)