Postsecondary institutions, officers respond to increase in partying

September 7, 2021
As students return to postsecondary institutions across Canada, bylaw officers and RCMP are responding to an increase in partying. A party near Queen’s University with about 2000 attendees was broken up early Thursday morning. The Whig reports that bylaw officers arrested four individuals for public intoxication and issued 16 court summonses and three administrative monetary penalties. The University of British Columbia is asking students to follow public health orders after RCMP officers issued $5K in fines for a non-compliant event at the frat village. Most people at the party were reportedly not wearing masks, and physical distancing was impossible due to the small space. London police are calling for Western University and Fanshawe College students to follow public health rules, and told CTV News that they will ensure that officers are patrolling student-oriented neighbourhoods. The Whig (Queen’s) | CTV News (UBC) | CBC (UBC) | CTV News (Western) (BC | ON)