ON postsecondary institutions reopen with face mask requirements

July 13, 2020

Several postsecondary institutions in Ontario have announced that they will be requiring face masks to be worn in or around campus. Algonquin College, Brock University, Carleton University, Durham College, McMaster University, Mohawk College, Niagara College, Redeemer University, and the University of Toronto have all announced protocols around where and when face masks will be expected to be worn. While regional regulations have not mandated the use of face masks at postsecondary institutions, several institutions indicated that the requirement would help to keep the community safe. Algonquin also recently conducted a pilot project where they reopened to a select number of students to allow them to finish up their instruction. "Starting small allows us the flexibility to tweak and make sure everything works well from a procedure and protocol point of view,” explained Algonquin President Claude Brulé. Durham | U of T | CBC | Carleton | CTV News (Algonquin) (ON)