Postsecondary issues could define upcoming MB election, say students

March 22, 2016

Manitoba’s PSE students will be watching the province’s political parties very closely until they vote on April 19, according to student leaders. “It’s still early days,” says University of Winnipeg Students’ Association President Peyton Veitch, “but I would really like to hear all of the parties running talk about core issues of affordability and accessibility for postsecondary students.” Veitch pointed specifically to Ontario’s proposal to eliminate tuition fees for low-income students as an example of an “innovative policy idea” he would like to see from MB’s leaders. University of Manitoba Student Union President Jerimiah Kopp also pointed toward the conversion of provincial student loans to non-repayable grants as another valuable way MB could increase PSE affordability. “Education is not just for students, it’s for all of society,” he says. “Education is the way we grow our economy… solve social issues… create a society that is well-rounded.” Metro