Postsecondary students raise more concerns with e-proctoring software, call for change

October 27, 2020
Students at postsecondary institutions across Canada are expressing discomfort with e-proctoring software. Many institutions use e-proctoring software to avoid academic dishonesty, reports CBC, but concerned students say that e-proctoring increases exam anxiety and leads to new challenges that include forcing students to show their living space, requiring students to work in a brightly lit, interruption-free space, and requiring a stable internet connection throughout the exam. Some students with disabilities cannot use specific screen-reader software, and some students of colour have had e-proctoring software repeatedly not recognize their faces. “We [have a greater] workload for classes, we’re being monitored way more intently than ever before on our exams and our overall mental health is degrading,” said David Draper, vice-president academic of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. CBC (National)