Poverty research centre finds a home at King's

December 16, 2014

King’s University College has teamed with the London Poverty Research Centre (LPRC) to create the London Poverty Research Centre at King’s. In addition to providing a new home for the LPRC, the partnership means that anti-poverty advocates will be able to more easily draw on the expertise of academic researchers. Barbara Decker Pierce, Director of the School of Social Work at King’s, will co-chair the Centre with Ross Fair, Chair of Fanshawe College’s St Thomas-Elgin campus. Decker Pierce described the partnership as being unique in Canada. “It’s not just a bunch of academics sitting around saying, ‘oh what should we study today?’ The thing that is different about what we are doing here is that it is a university academic research centre but … the community is much more involved in leading the work of the centre,” she said. The Centre will look at issues including identifying who will be likely to fall into poverty in London and developing ways to reverse the trend; learning what can be done to provide safe, affordable housing to single adults struggling with mental health issues and addiction; and determining how London can more effectively get poverty reduction funding from the province. King’s News Release | London Free Press