PQ government scraps tuition fee increase, Bill 78

September 21, 2012

On Thursday Quebec Premier Pauline Marois followed through on her election pledges and scrapped the former Liberal government's university tuition fee hike, as well as repealed Bill 78, which the Liberals had adopted in the spring as an emergency measure to rein in boycotting students. Marois said tuition fees would be maintained at $2,168 annually without taking back additional money the Liberals had invested in student financial aid in an effort to make the tuition fee increase more palatable. The measure will not cost more than $20 million in the current fiscal year, the premier said. The next move will be to hold a summit within the next 100 days to debate a new funding formula for PSE institutions and the possibility of tuition-free university. Marois said everything will be on the table, including her proposal to index university tuition to increases in the cost of living. Globe and Mail | Montreal Gazette