PQ will not restrict access to English-speaking CEGEPs: Couillard

September 6, 2017

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has said that he will not force francophone students to attend French CEGEPs, as has been proposed by some Parti Québécois members. Last week, Couillard was asked about a proposal put forward by a group of PQ activists that would restrict access to English-language CEGEPs in order to protect the French language within the province. “There is no question,” Couillard said. “I want to be clear; we will not do that.” He added that the PQ should “solve their internal problems” and stop acting on “linguistic panic.” “Most francophone parents in Quebec, and I … have spoken to them in all regions of Quebec, would really like to give their children, at the college level, the opportunity to do some schooling to become bilingual,” said Couillard. Montreal Gazette