Princeton Review names West Virginia U best party school in US

August 21, 2012

West Virginia University has been chosen as the top party school in the US in the annual Princeton Review survey, released Monday. West Virginia U replaces Ohio University, which ranked first in the category last year. West Virginia U administrators, who have worked for years to diminish or eliminate the party school image, dismissed the survey. "If you look at the schools on this list, they are mostly large, public universities with strong academic and research profiles, as well as highly successful athletic programs," says a university spokeswoman. "But in the big picture, clearly this list has no real credibility." Texas-based Rice University maintains its top spot in the "happiest students" category. Utah's Brigham Young University is still the top institution in the "stone-cold sober schools" category, retaining the title for the fifteenth consecutive year. Princeton Review News Release | Associated Press