Print textbooks, laptops still dominate on US campuses, survey finds

July 5, 2012

E-textbooks and tablet devices have a lot of buzz, but old-bound volumes and laptop computers still dominate on 4-year college campuses, according to a new US survey of 1,200 full-time students. Two-thirds of respondents said the iPad was "in" on their campuses, but fewer than 6% actually own an iPad, and just 1% plan to purchase one in the next year. 19% of respondents own a desktop computer, compared to 10% who own a tablet. Laptops continue to dominate campus computing, with 88% of respondents having one. 20% of students surveyed either bought or "rented" an e-textbook this spring. The survey found that print textbooks are nowhere near extinction. Used print editions accounted for 45% of textbook purchases, new print editions accounted for 31%, and print rentals accounted for 15%. Inside Higher Ed