Professor proposes “Provincial Scholarship” exam

October 2, 2013

A York University professor is proposing an Ontario-wide “Provincial Scholarship” exam, offered to all high school students, to solve the issues of grade inflation and varying standards among high schools, and to encourage students to gain a broad education. William van Wijngaarden writes in University Affairs that when universities take a student’s best 6 grades to determine admission and award scholarships, it creates an unfair advantage for students in which there are “fluffy subjects” used to boost some students’ grade averages. The exam Wijngaarden proposes would include 5 equally-weighted subjects: English, French, history and geography, science, and pre-calculus mathematics. (“Excluding calculus would ensure that not only science and engineering geeks could do well,” he adds). The only requirement to keeping the scholarship would be to maintain a B+ average. Wijngaarden estimates that such an exam would cost Ontario $140 million. University Affairs