For-profit giant Kaplan starts competency-based “Open College”

October 8, 2014

Kaplan Higher Education is launching a new competency-based “Open College” that will provide adult learners with free and fee-based services to help them qualify for a degree or build skills toward a new career. Kaplan will help students identify any existing skills that may count toward a degree or a new career, as well as offer a subscription-based education model to help fill in any remaining requirements needed to obtain a bachelor's of science degree in professional studies. Kaplan officials say that most students would end up paying about $9,500 to complete a degree, based on a typical enrolment of 60 credits and a 24- to 30-month time-to-completion. A student entering with no credits who participates for 48 straight months would pay $15,000 under the initial pricing model. Peter Smith, who is in charge of the new venture, said that he expects that Kaplan will be able to capitalize on recent interest in competency-based education and online learning. The Chronicle of Higher Education