Profs attacked by students at uToronto and Red River College

September 12, 2014

A student and a former student allegedly attacked professors at 2 Canadian PSE institutions this week. At the University of Toronto, a female student attacked a math professor with a knife; the professor sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital. The assailant, believed to be a second-year international student, was arrested at the scene. The second incident occurred at Red River College, where a former student attacked a professor before being subdued by other students. Professor Jeff Chartrand said he had alerted campus security to a potential threat to his safety by a former student, but claimed that security was “reluctant” to take action. Chartrand told the Winnipeg Free Press that his alleged attacker had previously been banned from campus. Keith Walker, Security Services Director at RRC, said, "we are reviewing the incident and ensuring college practices and processes are examined. Any required improvements will be implemented. Our first area of concern is that our staff has the necessary support and care within the college. To that end, we are raising awareness of existing safety and security measures." Police are investigating both incidents. CBC | National Post | Winnipeg Free Press