Promotional campaign to highlight value, contributions of CEGEPs

September 16, 2014

La Fédération des cégeps has announced the launch of a new promotional campaign that will highlight the contributions of CEGEPs to Quebec. The 3-year campaign will culminate with a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the CEGEP system. In the first year, 4 public service announcements will be released via traditional media channels as well as on the web. Commercials, video clips, and banners will focus on the advantages of a quality CEGEP network to the province and will also feature a number of specific institutions. The campaign will communicate to audiences the importance of CEGEPs to the economic, social, and cultural life of the community, as well as the importance of general education and technical training to students. Moreover, the campaign will emphasize that CEGEPs serve as an important springboard to further PSE. CEGEPs have lately become an issue in Quebec politics, with the youth wing of the province's Liberal party calling for their eliminationFédération News Release