Proportion of British graduates in low-skilled work increases

March 6, 2012

New figures from UK National Statistics show that more than one-third of recent British graduates are working in lower-skilled jobs compared to approximately one-quarter a decade ago. Over the same period, the number of graduates in the workforce and no longer in education rose from 1,063,000 to 1,501,000. The data show the average hourly wage for graduates is £15.18, 70% higher than that of non-graduates. Arts graduates earn the least per hour on average (£12.06) while medical and dental school graduates earn the most (£21.29). The unemployment rate for those who graduated from university in the last 2 years is 18.9%, compared to 6.7% for graduates who left 2 to 4 years ago and 4.4% for those who graduated 4 to 6 years ago. The Association of Graduate Recruiters' chief executive advises graduates "to gain experience in the workplace and see it as a valuable stepping stone towards their longer term career goals." A recent government-commissioned report recommends internships for all British undergraduates to improve their employability. Times Higher Education