Proposed new student housing complex prompts UoGuelph concerns

April 26, 2013

The University of Guelph has safety and size concerns about a controversial new student housing complex planned for across the street. A private company has been given the green light by the Ontario Municipal Board to build the student housing complex a stone’s throw from campus. While the board did impose restrictions on the project, they have given permission for one building up to 11 storeys and others up to 9 storeys. The development will likely see up to 1,000 students living in a non-official residence setting. “We’re concerned about shadow effect on our front entrance, we’re concerned about safety issues, cars and large volumes of people crossing an already busy intersection,” said a UoGuelph spokesperson. As for need, he said that the residence situation at the university is currently very positive. All first-year students are guaranteed spots and the demand from returning students for residence has declined over the past few years. Guelph Mercury