Prospect of fast-tracked career, hefty entry wages drawing students to mining schools

April 17, 2012

The prospect of a fast-tracked career and a sky-high starting salary has students flocking to mining schools. Admissions to the top mining schools in Canada have nearly tripled in 3 years, helped by wages that can be even higher for graduates who move overseas. "Ten years ago we were lucky to have one or two students applying," says a mining engineering professor at McGill University. "In some years it was that bad. But this year alone 250 people have applied to mining." The growing number of students does bring its own problems, as larger classes result in more competition for the limited supply of summer jobs in the field. Experts say that students with industry experience prior to graduation get more job offers and command a higher entry salary than their peers, and also have a head start on completing their professional designation. For their part, firms that offer summer internships can attain a loyal workforce years ahead of competitors who only look to recruit graduates. Reuters