ON provides $514M in grants and interest-free loans for green projects

March 13, 2018

As part of its Climate Change Action Plan, the Province of Ontario has reportedly provided “over $214 million in grants [while] making available up to $300 million in interest-free loans to retrofit college and university facilities through the Greenhouse Gas Campus Retrofit Program.” Amongst the stated beneficiaries are Carleton University, which announced that it will receive $7M to modernize its lighting, roofing, and insulation; the University of Guelph, whose $9.5M grant and $16.8M interest-free loan will help fund several projects to reduce greenhouse emissions; and Mohawk College, which received a $10.8M grant for energy retrofit projects. McMaster University states that it will apply for a $9.3M interest-free loan to improve its fume hooded ventilation system. ON | Carleton | UoGuelph | Hamilton Spectator