PSAT administrator tries for a bit of fun with cow stickers

December 13, 2013

The College Board, which administers PSAT/NMSQT tests in the US, has recently sent high schools stickers donning cows and the phrase “Gee Whiz” to be handed out to the test-takers, aiming to “have a little fun.” The College Board explained that the idea for the stickers came from the mocking social media reaction to 2 particular passages in a version of the PSAT test: one concerning “the claim that legions of modern children have never seen a cow,” and the other including the words “Gee Whiz.” A College Board spokesperson said the goal was “to recognize the student experience,” while advertising the organization’s free college-planning resources. The back of the stickers read, “Who would have thought cows could be so inspiring? We hope that the PSAT is always this fun.” Chronicle of Higher Education