PSE institutions face significant enrolment challenges in 2015

January 16, 2015

American PSE intitutions are facing a “perfect storm” of enrolment challenges in 2015, says an article in University Business magazine. According to the article, some of the demographic challenges that were already moving to top of mind in 2014 will only become more pronounced, and the ongoing debate over the value and purpose of PSE is sure to continue. Institutions will be in a bind: to improve enrolment, they will be forced to decide between taking on students that they normally wouldn’t accept and dropping tuition prices, both of which could have a negative effect. To help alleviate these problems, some institutions are reallocating their resources from enrolment to retention and focusing more on students in the middle years of their degrees. In the US, some schools are examining the impact of discounting tuition and thinking about how to change prospective students’ attitudes toward the sticker price of their education. Marketing will also need to play a key role, with institutions emphasizing high graduation rates and alumni success stories. Tighter integration and increased collaboration across administrative portfolios will also be needed to help ensure enrolment and retention success. University Business