PSE institutions help foster $3 B tech sector in Victoria

February 24, 2015

Victoria's PSE institutions have played a critical role in creating "a perfect storm" that is powering the city's growing technology industry. Victoria is an unlikely location for such a thriving tech industry; typically, technology sectors develop around bigger centres, not islands. Dan Gunn, Executive Director of the Victoria Advanced Technology Council, said that Camosun College, Royal Roads University, and the University of Victoria have helped draw people who are "naturally innovative and interested in learning," while advancements in infrastructure have made it possible for tech firms to choose Victoria for its climate and lifestyle. Gunn said that if the region can retain talented graduates from local PSE institutions, tech hubs such as Seattle and San Francisco will start to take notice. He speculates that it is possible to have a $4 B tech industry in the city within the next 5 years. Victoria Times-Colonist