PSE presidents have new book to guide their social media use

January 8, 2015

For PSE presidents looking to social media as a way of connecting with students and communities, a new book can help both experienced and new users navigate the difficult terrain of social media. #FollowtheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success From #HigherEd CEOs, by Seneca College’s Daniel A Zaiontz, draws on interviews with 22 US and Canadian university and college presidents and offers case studies, an overview of benefits and dangers, and best practices for strategic use of social media. Zaiontz suggests that presidents explore the social media platform they are interested in to make sure it best fits them, and further encourages presidents to allow their own voice to be reflected in posts. He does, however, caution presidents to be careful with what they say, and to always consider the varied audience and the outcomes if a post were to go viral. Zaiontz also notes that presidents should plan out their use of social media strategically, assessing what they want to achieve and how social media can help. The Chronicle of Higher Education