QC “witnessing the beginning of a larger movement” to end campus sexual violence

October 25, 2016

Recent allegations of sexual assault at Université de Laval might have marked a “turning point in social awareness about the pervasiveness of inappropriate sexual behaviour,” writes CBC. The article highlights a recent report showing that a quarter of Quebec students face some form of sexual victimization, even as specific instances of such violence on campus continue to be discussed as isolated incidents. The QC government has announced that it plans to conduct a series of consultations on campus-based sexual violence, a process that Higher Education Minister Hélène David says will help the government establish “common practices that will then be framed in a policy or even a law.” uLaval Rector Denis Brière released a statement on Saturday about the alleged assaults at his university, stating that “we are witnessing the beginning of a larger movement” to put an end to sexual violence. CBC also reports that police have arrested two suspects in connection to the sexual assaults at uLaval. CBC (1) | CBC (2) | CBC (3)