QC must fix tuition gap causing out-of-province grad students to pay more than international students: Barnea

May 10, 2019

Quebec must put an end to a situation where some international graduate students pay less in tuition than out-of-province Canadians, writes Amir Barnea, an associate professor of finance at HEC Montréal. Barnea explains that due to existing international agreements, French and Franco-Belgian graduate students pay the same tuition fees as local Quebecers, putting them at a lower rate than other Canadians. Because QC benefits from federal transfer payments from other provinces, Barnea argues, it is unfair for out-of-province Canadians to pay more in tuition than international students. Barnea concludes that QC should resolve the situation by lowering tuition for out-of-province graduate students to match that paid by Quebecers, French, and Franco-Belgian students. Montreal Gazette (QC)