QC nursing sector examines working conditions, educational requirements, training in face of shortages

September 20, 2021
In the face of labour shortages and exam failure rates, Quebec is examining ways to improve its nursing sector and talent pipeline. Nurses are reportedly leaving the public sector for the private sector due to poor working conditions. États généraux de la profession infirmière has produced a report on ways the province can improve working conditions, including a key recommendation to raise the educational requirement for nurses to a baccalaureate degree. The sector is also facing a dearth of nursing assistants due to a high rate of failure of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers auxiliaires du Québec exams, according to the Journal de Montréal. The exam is a required step for nursing assistants after they obtain their professional studies diploma, but one in two candidates have failed the exam since 2020. The Journal adds that students have been having a difficult time with work-study balance due to the work they have taken on during the pandemic. Journal de Montréal (1) | Montreal Gazette | Journal de Montréal (2) (QC)