QC, PEI schools begin to unveil phased recovery plans beginning in May

May 6, 2020

Some schools in Québec and Prince Edward Island have released details regarding their phased recovery plans. McGill University, for instance, has announced that the first stage of their progressive phase-in will start the week of May 11th with the opening of six buildings chosen based on factors like building and room capacity and research priorities. Researchers will be required to abide by the University’s directives for facilitating a safe and efficient transition back to on-campus research activities. Meanwhile, the University of Prince Edward Island has unveiled their three-phase operational ease-back plan that will begin on May 25th. Key steps in the first phase-back step include management teams returning to campus to prepare and plan, and allowing faculty, researchers, and graduate students to conduct research on-campus and in the field while maintaining physical distancing. McGill | UPEI (QC, PE)