QC postsecondary anticipates return in person even if vaccination target is unmet

July 30, 2021
Sources from the Government of Quebec suggest that the province will announce that postsecondary students will be returning to campus in person, even if the population does not meet the COVID-19 vaccination target. Journal de Montréal reports that QC will likely not meet the 75% vaccination among the 16- to 29-year-old population, but 78.6% of college students and 83% of academics are expected to be fully vaccinated this fall. Campus vaccination campaigns will target those who have not yet been vaccinated. Discussions are ongoing about if masks will be required, though Université de Montreal associate professor Roxane Borgès Da Silva, expressed concerns to the Journal about the spread of the Delta variant as students attend class in large lecture halls. Journal de Montréal (QC)