QC premier vows to defend freedom of expression in universities

February 17, 2021
Quebec Premier François Legault has taken to Facebook to criticize the “radical activists” who he says have taken censorship and political correctness to the point of risking freedom of expression. In the statement, Legault argues that the problem started with universities and so will need to be solved at universities first, adding that QC Minister of Higher Education Danielle McCann is looking into how to address the matter. The Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d’université (FQPPU) has praised the statement, according to the Montréal Gazette, and stated that it believes QC can provide universities with the tools necessary to resist outside pressure and strengthen their independence. FQPPU adds that the situation has developed out of underfunding institutions, as “controversy affects a university’s reputation and, ultimately, its financing,” and that a distinction must be made between words of a discriminatory nature and words used within a pedagogical perspective. Facebook | CBC | Montréal Gazette | CTV News (QC)