QC principals, rectors face a difficult task

July 7, 2017

A combination of factors has made the job of university leader particularly difficult in Quebec, writes Jean-François Venne for University Affairs. Since 2015, nine universities in the province have seen their executive leaders either leave during or immediately after their first mandate. Venne reports that QC budget cutbacks have pushed higher ed leaders to alienate many institutional stakeholder groups and to prioritize balanced budgets above other institutional concerns. Venne notes that the open voting processes that govern the selection and appointment of some school leaders in QC might discourage many qualified candidates from risking the public embarrassment of being defeated in a vote. Further, Venne notes that compensation for many rectors in QC is barely above that of many professors. Finally, Venne concludes that one of the biggest challenges to being a university leader in QC is that these officials simply do not garner much support from the QC public. University Affairs