QC student activists hoping for a second Maple Spring

March 10, 2015

An article in the National Post reports on the surging activist movement in Quebec. According to the article, QC student activists are hoping for a second Maple Spring, and this time, they have set their sights on a "true sharing of wealth." Much of the activists' work has centred at Université du Québec à Montréal, where faculty recently issued an open letter condemning the actions of "self-proclaimed, sometimes masked, commandos," whom they said were disrupting classes and intimidating faculty and staff. In late February, demonstrators took part in a week of protests against provincial austerity measures, including cuts to PSE. UQAM political science professor Julien Bauer said that the activists, emboldened by what in their view was a victory against austerity during the Maple Spring of 2012, are hoping to instigate more change. Students are reportedly planning a walkout on March 25 to call for "the abolition of austerity measures" as well as "a stop to all hydrocarbon development and transportation projects," among other demands. 9 student associations representing 16,000 students have so far voted in favour of supporting the strike, with 62 more associations planning their own votes. National Post