QC unveils $3.9B Opération main-d'oeuvre plan to incentivise study in areas of high need

December 3, 2021
The Government of Quebec has unveiled its $3.9B Opération main-d'oeuvre plan, which will implement 80 measures in six areas to meet labour needs. Individuals who are currently unemployed will be given an allowance of $475 a week to study in areas that currently have a shortage of workers. The plan aims to integrate 60,000 individuals in the mental health, youth protection, education, and childcare sectors, and 110,000 skilled workers in information technology, engineering, and construction. Programs in these areas will be made more attractive through providing financial support and work-study programs. All students enrolled in high-need areas will be eligible for scholarships of $9K for three-year cegep-level programs, $15K for three-year university-level programs, and $20K for four-year university programs starting in Fall 2022. CBC | Journal de Montréal (QC)