QS releases global rankings for 2022

July 30, 2021
QS Top Universities has released its 2022 global rankings, which includes over 1,300 universities around the world. The rankings took into account factors such as the ratio of faculty to students, the number of research citations from faculty, and reputation with employers. 28 Canadian universities were included in the rankings, with the University of Toronto (#26), McGill University (tied for #27), and the University of British Columbia (#46) ranking highest. Other institutions that ranked within the top 250 institutions included Université de Montréal (#111), the University of Alberta (#126), McMaster University (#140), University of Waterloo (tied for #149), Western University (#170), University of Ottawa (#230), University of Calgary (#235), and Queen’s University (tied for #240). QS (Release) | QS (Rankings) (International)