Quebec budget reaffirms tuition fee increases

March 20, 2012

Quebec's finance minister said Tuesday he is determined to introduce previously announced tuition fee increases of 75% over the next 5 years. "Some students are opposed to it and it's their right, but we've taken our decision and it's irrevocable," the minister said. "We've believe students need to pay their fair share," he said, adding that they are going to account for 17% of the cost of a higher education. The new budget provides for an extra $976 million for Quebec universities over the next 5 years. The province will add $493 million under that plan, with $141 million from other sources and $54 million in corporate funding. The tuition increase will account for $279 million of the total. The president of the Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec says striking students are not returning to class and have plans for additional demonstrations and a campaign targeting Liberal MNAs. An hour-long student demonstration yesterday morning blocked an access ramp to the Champlain Bridge into Montreal. CTV reports that 94 students were fined for blocking the bridge. A large-scale demonstration is set to take place in Montreal tomorrow. Quebec Budget Plan | Montreal Gazette | CBC | CTV