Quebec student demonstrations shut down bridge, CÉGEP

February 24, 2012

Quebec students protesting tuition fee increases shut down the Jacques Cartier Bridge for nearly an hour during Thursday's afternoon rush hour, as a demonstration organizers say drew 15,000 people proceeded through downtown Montreal. 2 groups of marchers were confronted by police as they made their way to the bridge, and the march eventually broke up at about 5:30 pm. Police say one individual was arrested. Meanwhile, student protesters were meeting with school officials in the student dorms near Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal Friday morning following a standoff during which students blocked the college's entrance to both campus officials and police. Approximately 100 protesters blocked the CÉGEP's entrances starting about 4 am in a bid to force officials to allow some students access to campus for classes they said cannot afford to miss. The CÉGEP locked out the students, with its director general announcing that the one-day closure was caused by the students' boycott of classes. Montreal Gazette (bridge closure) | Montreal Gazette (CÉGEP closure)