Quebec student demonstrators denounce university tuition indexation

February 27, 2013

Thousands of students and their supporters marched through downtown Montreal Tuesday afternoon to denounce the Quebec government's plan to implement a form of indexation of university tuition fees. There were some tense moments as demonstrators clashed with police, but overall the demonstration was less violent than many of those that took place last spring. Police say 13 individuals were arrested. The rally was organized by the student group ASSÉ, whose co-spokesperson says protesters will fight not only the indexation, but will also continue to push for free tuition for all Quebecers. Higher Education Minister Pierre Duchesne said Tuesday that he expected there would be more protests following the government's announcement that tuition would no longer be frozen. "The protest today is normal, but a protest is not a crisis." The ASSÉ co-spokesperson says his group will explore several tactics to put pressure on the government, but does not expect that a large-scale student boycott will be repeated. CTV