Quebec students stage rolling protests

April 12, 2012

Quebec students hit the streets in a series of rolling protests Wednesday in their latest challenge against the province's planned tuition fee increases. Hundreds of chanting demonstrators marched throughout the day during hourly protests in Montreal, crisscrossing the downtown area and paralyzing traffic. Some protests led to clashes with police, including a confrontation in which officers used chemical irritants to disperse demonstrators after several students blocked access to a National Bank of Canada building. Student protests yesterday resulted in Collège de Valleyfield dropping plans to resume classes, and in delays in final exams scheduled at Concordia University. Student leaders have also proposed a series of cost-saving measures they say will allow the government to "cut into the fat" from university budgets. A document released by the Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec identifies possible budget savings of $300 million over 5 years. Having reviewed the document, the Conference of Principals and Rectors of Quebec Universities points to a methodological error it says distorts the conclusions reached by FEUQ. CREPUQ argues that the federation's proposals would have a harmful effect on teaching and research. Canadian Press | CBC | Montreal Gazette | CREPUQ News Release (in French)