Queen's Arts and Science Faculty Board seeks reinstatement of BFA admission

December 14, 2011

At a meeting last Friday, the Arts and Science Faculty Board passed a motion to reinstate admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, which was suspended due to a shortage of resources, reports the university's student newspaper. The motion also calls on the arts and science dean and associate dean to consult with the senate and faculty board with regard to the fate of programs. The vote will not affect the suspension decision as it is not in the faculty board's authority to rule in a resource issue, says the dean. Queen's has asked its lawyer to offer her legal opinion on whether the dean does, in fact, have the overriding authority to halt admission to a program. Since the senate and faculty board are limited in their resources to hire a lawyer to represent their opinion, the next step is to ask for help elsewhere, including from the faculty association, says a physics professor. Queen's Journal (student newspaper)