Queen's in difficult, transitional period, says principal

December 14, 2009

"I suggest the time has come to do less with less," Queen's University principal Daniel Woolf tells the Globe and Mail, acknowledging that the immediate future will be a challenge as the school shoulders a rising debt load. On top of implementing a 15% budget cut over the next 4 years, Woolf plans to review the university's academic priorities and renew its focus on undergraduate programs. As part of his cost-cutting plan, Woolf has asked professors to reduce their planned raises by 2% next year, a request that was refused by the faculty association. The union argues the university's financial difficulties result from mismanagement. One professor suggests the pressure of salary cuts is diverting attention from the institution's "misguided capital projects." The new Queen's Centre has left the university with a $125-million shortfall, most of which it will carry as debt. Globe and Mail