Queen's law school floats idea to expand enrolment

September 18, 2013

Queen’s University is considering expanding enrolment to its law school by almost a third in the next 3 years, reports the Toronto Star. An 8-page report written by Queen’s law school’s strategic planning committee proposes an increase of either 35 or 50 students per year on top of the approximately 165 currently accepted. According to the Star, Queen’s needs additional revenue to hire additional teaching staff and has turned to an enrolment increase in lieu of government funding. “It’s not necessarily our preference to expand enrolment, but the pressures on us have pushed us to consider it,” says William Flanagan, Dean of Queen’s Faculty of Law. The Star reports that in the last few years, the number of articling applicants has grown faster than the positions available, leaving an increasing proportion of graduates without a placement. However, Flanagan says, “I wouldn’t be proposing expansion if I didn’t think we could place an extra 35 students per year.” Toronto Star