Queen's papers retracted over duplication

November 29, 2010

4 scientific papers have been retracted following a long-running dispute at Queen's University over self-plagiarism and "bogus authorship." The Annals of the New York Academy of Science pulled 3 Queen's papers dealing with space experiments over concerns of duplication. The fourth paper retracted was nearly identical to an earlier publication. It represents "a severe abuse of the scientific publishing system," say the journal editors who recently pulled the duplicate report, which was uncovered in 2004 as part of an alleged "academic misconduct" case involving "holus-bolus" recycling by a senior scientist at Queen's in papers published with some of his students and associates. The professors who discovered the duplication say neither Queen's nor NSERC dealt with the matter properly. University officials, journal editors, and an outside expert say allegations of plagiarism of other people's work and data falsification are unfounded. Queen's has apparently revised its policies to satisfy NSERC. Postmedia News