Queen's receives $1.7 million for drinking, substance abuse study in male students

November 1, 2013

Queen’s University has received $1.7 million in funding from the Movember Foundation to study excessive drinking and substance abuse among male first-year university students, part of the foundation’s $12 million donation to various men’s mental health initiatives in Canada. The Queen's project, “Caring Campus: An Intervention Project,” will look at 3 factors in excessive drinking among young men: prevention, awareness and de-stigmatization, and will also involve researchers at Dalhousie University and the University of Calgary. “The research shows [men] have a bigger problem with drinking than women do. They drink more, they get into more trouble when they drink, so they make a really good target for this kind of research,” says Heather Stuart, one of the chairs of the funding grant. The researchers hope to be able to study all first-year students at Queen’s, and make it a mandatory exercise for male first-year students. While they don’t have the official approvals from the universities for the study, they are confident the project will go ahead. Kingston Whig-Standard