On the question of paid peer-review and academic copyright: Flaherty

October 24, 2019

Colleen Flaherty examines the challenging question of whether peer-review should be paid and copyright of academic works in light of an influx in take-down notices served by large journals and academic associations to individual authors who post their research on their personal webpages. Flaherty highlights the response of University of Toronto Professor William Cunningham to a take-down notice served to him by the APA. Cunningham wrote to the association stating that the institution must either continue to accept academics free labour and allow them to share the products of their labour, or move to a transactional relationship where academics are paid for peer-reviews. Several American studies have found that academics themselves are divided on the issue of paid peer-review, with some viewing the labour as part of tenure-track salary, and others believing such work should be paid on an individual basis. Inside Higher Ed