Questions admin should ask before adding MOOC to strategy

October 2, 2013

The Director of Duke University’s Center of Nursing Collaboration, Entrepreneurship & Technology, Marilyn M. Lombardi, offers PSE administrators looking into whether they should “jump on the MOOC bandwagon” some questions to ask first: Will such a substantial investment advance your institution’s mission and strategic direction?; How do MOOCs fit in with your strategy around competitors, filling educational disparities within certain regions, or non-traditional students?; Must revenue be generated by the MOOCs to sustain them on your campus?; Does your institution have the resources to liaison with third-party MOOC platforms like Coursera or Udacity?; How will you measure the success of the MOOCs; and “last but not least,” have you consulted with your faculty and taken into account any concerns while framing your MOOC plan? Globe and Mail