QuestU President warns of the risks of relying on part-time faculty labour

November 4, 2014

In a new essay for Academica Group’s Rethinking Higher Ed Forum, Quest University President David Helfand argues that PSE institutions' increasing reliance on “faculty outsourcing”—the use of itinerant, part-time faculty—is fundamentally unsustainable. Helfand says that the increased use of adjunct faculty is being done in the name of financial efficiency, but emphasizes that the working conditions of adjuncts do not leave them with the time or resources necessary to provide a high quality education. He says that quality education requires adequate time to plan courses, to meet with students, to learn about new pedagogical techniques, and to stay up-to-date in one’s field. These demands, he says, are incompatible with the realities faced by many adjunct faculty members. Helfand cautions that if universities continue to pursue this model, they risk losing the support of students as well as taxpayers. Rethinking Higher Ed