RDC students stage “Collective Day of Action,” request approval of degrees

March 23, 2021
Red Deer College students are staging a “Collective Day of Action” to encourage the Government of Alberta to approve RDC’s proposed degrees. The Students’ Association explained that RDC’s lack of degrees is forcing some students to move out of the region to earn a degree, and that the situation is difficult for 167 psychology students who were in collaborative degrees with the University of Calgary that have since been cancelled. “We do not need to be a university or a polytechnic to have degrees. If the minister needs a pen, the students of Red Deer College easily can get him a pen,” said association president Brittany Lausen. “How long will government make us wait?” RDC has submitted five degrees for AB’s approval, including Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science Psychology, Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science Biology degrees. RDNewsNOW | Red Deer Advocate (AB)