RDC switches path, aspires to polytechnic status

January 25, 2021

Following recent updatefrom the Government of Alberta’s system-wide review, Red Deer College has announced that it anticipatethat it will become a polytechnic institution. The designation would provide the college with the ability to deliver degrees, while still offering a range of credentials that include trades programming.  “As an institution, we are very supportive of the polytechnic model because it offers a unique designation that would allow us to support our students, partners, industry and community members,” said RDC President Dr Peter Nunoda. “For me, the most important thing is what we will be able to achieve. As a polytechnic, we would be able to partner with government and industry to produce highly employable graduates that meet the ever-changing needs of the labour market.” The college will await the final decision from the AB at the conclusion of the review and will announce a new model at that time.  Red Deer Advocate (AB)